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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Winding down

Well, the party is almost over.

The last week has been hectic, what with all the parties and running out for just one last thing for the Innocent Bystander to take back to the Fatherland about a million times. Now we are down to the last day home, and soon it will be mere hours before it is time to make that excruciating drive to the airport. He has all the pickles and peanut butter and chicken noodle soup his bags can hold, so I guess he's ready.

My body knows it is time. We have had what boils down to 5 weeks of concentrated F.U.N. and I have not eaten near enough vegetables or gotten adequate excercise (unless you count that which I got on my back...or...*shakes head*...nevermind...) or sleep and I think I may have drank ALL the beer. I will pay for this debauchery. Dearly, I'm sure.

It is a bittersweet time. The weather has been absolutely picture perfect just about every single day that he's been home. Clear, bright sunny days and cool nights that seem to last forever. The food has been awesome, and the company stellar. We have laughed more this hitch than we have in a long time. Me writing seems to have amped up the funny around us. But now, the lovemaking turns more sweet and tender, like we are trying to memorize every inch of flesh, every sensation. Definitely not the frantic clashing together of parts is parts as we rush to get out of clothes and decide ohfuckit just DO IT NOW that was the first couple of weeks he was home. No, now we take our time, knowing it will be a long time until next time. The only action around here will be of the laundry and sweeping and normal vacuuming of feathers and cleaning of cages that is my life for the next who knows how long until he comes home again.

Oh, and I neglected to tell you that we won the Most Original Costume ribbon at the Halloween party Friday night. As you can see, we had both daytime and nighttime costumes. Can you guess what we were?


Pearl said...

You are definitely Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. :-)

I envy your relationship, Derfina. How can you miss them if they won't go away? Ya know what I mean?


derfina said...

WOOT! First guess and you nailed both the costume and kinda my pernt right smack dab on the head! But you FUCKING ruint my title for tomorrow's post! (How can I miss you if you won't go away?)