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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Don't jump--Dive!

Holy moly!  Half the day is already gone!  

I have spent the morning cleaning cages, feeding birds, ducks, geese, cats, fish and turtles.  It is absolutely gorgeous out.  I love this time of year, because there is very little boat traffic on the river.  This allows the silt to settle and the water is so clear you can see the bottom 15-20 feet down.  The fish just blow me away.  We have a brim bed under our houseboat which in turn supports a couple of largemouth bass that are as big as my lower legs (and I have a serious cankle thing going on, so that is saying something) and you can just watch them stalking the smaller fish when I throw my stale bread to them in the early morning sunlight.  The turtles, with heads bigger than my fist, will eat soggy bread right from my hand.  There is such an array of color-the grays of the spanish moss, the millions of shades of green that are completely different than the millions I watched bud out and leaf in the spring, the browns and reds and oranges and golds of the cypress and oak and pine trees that shade our little slice of paradise.  I sat this morning on my porch with my coffee and just took it all in.  

It is never the same.  I guess this river really is a metaphor of life to me.  Sometimes I want to jump right in, sometimes I sit on the edge with only my feet in it, and sometimes I just watch.  Today is way too pretty to just watch, so I'm fixing to jump right in with my eyes wide open.  I hope you enjoy your Sunday to the fullest as well.


darsden said...

Have a Wonderful Derfina Day :-)

Braja said...

Well, heck, since I'm a red-headed woman and you collect 'em, I'm gonna have to join your followers.....

derfina said...

Purv-I did-I really did! I think I got some ON me!

Braja-Welcome! So glad to have you! Especially since my latest potential addition to the stable seems to be a bust (pun intended-gawd, I crack me up).