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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Plan of the Day

Just a quickie this morning, although I may do an update this afternoon.

Dar is on her way over, and we are going to take Ronny and Jamie over to Mobile for the day. We plan to do lunch, then go to the museum's IMAX theater to watch "Hurricane on the Bayou" (for some reason, my fingers wanted to type "Tom Petty and the Bayou Crotch People" there) and then we are going to go see what looks yummy at Fresh Market.  I have visions of creme brulee dancing in myne head.  Perhaps I ought to go look in the mirror-there is probably a VISION or two of creme brulee swaying back and forth behind me like two forty dollar mules in a gunny sack.

I may actually put on some store bought lips before we leave.  I guess I'm feeling all girly because I chose to mow my legs rather than cornrow them this morning.  I'd go pluck my eyebrow, but I don't feel like getting all sneezy.  If I start sneezing, the little birds start, and then we have to go all the way through the sneezing ritual and discuss our allergies which leads to booger discussions and frankly?  I am just not up to all that right now.  The Good Morning Jesus song did me in.

Before I go, though, I thought I would leave you with a little something to contemplate.  Dar and I rode up to her parents' cabin in McHenry to scope it out prior to us going up to 'camp' there next week.  When we pulled into the carport, this is what we found in the driveway.  The dead mouse I understand.  The pile of puke though, is puzzling:


tashabud said...

You wrote a funny post. Hi, I came through Eric's blog over yonder at "Rumminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy". Hope your trip to the Imax is going to be a good one.


Pearl said...

You never know about cat puke. I personally think it's a form of communication.
Like Celtic runes or crop circles. :-)

Dana said...

Very strange indeed. I bet the IMAX will be awesome! I need to find something like that to do with these brats soon!

derfina said...

tasha-Welcome! *nods* Eric has pointed me to some great blogs. Hope to have you visit again!

Pearl-I dunno about cat puke, but when one of my birds pukes on me, I know it's a sign of affection!

Dana-It was an eye opening experience. I've never been to one before-you really need to take the munchkins, especially if they have a Christmas one. Much mo' betterer than a regular theater.

Braja said...

As usual you made me laugh, "$40 goats in a gunny sack"??!!

And then Pearl arrived. Pearl honey, I told you there was some Scots in you: only reason you can consider cat spew Celtic runes or crop circles...

Oh and my word is hydratie....so I think I'll go and get meself hydratied...