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Monday, November 17, 2008

This, that, and some other things...

Yesterday was a busy day.  El Juevo and I started out with a pilgrimage to our own personal mecca, L.Y. Buffet.  I really feel bad for management there as I'm sure profits have been down. Alex is spending more time in Gulfport than he is at home and I am not one to go to a sit down restaurant by myself, so we haven't been contributing 2-5 times a week like we were there for awhile.  

As soon as we had finished worshipping eating, we had to haul arse to Biloxi for the matinee performance of "On Golden Pond" at Center Stage.  We barely made it in time and ended up in two of the last few seats available-the performance actually ended up selling out. It was as great a play as I remember the moving having been.  The director, Chuck White, has a real knack for casting, the set was believable and the woman doing the lighting has really come into her own with this one.  All in all, we had a wonderful time.  As a little side bonus, El Juevo gets extra credit in one of his theater classes for attending, as his instructor played one of the principal characters in the play and was trying to pad the audience (unnecessary as it turned out).

We left there and went to the mall.  Alex needed a new pillow and I wanted to look at quilts for my bed as the one I have is getting sort of used looking.  The pillow was not a prollem-kinda hard to muck that one up.  The quilt, however, was another question entirely.  I am very picky about fabric in that if it isn't 100% cotton, it pretty much isn't coming into my house.  And I don't like fiberfill.  (I mean, what is that shite?  It reminds me of this crap we used to make when we were kids out of mucilage, which makes me shudder just at the name.  We'd put the glue between our index fingers and our thumbs and pinch them together over and over until it started making these strands we called angel hair...) *bitch slaps self*  Oh.  Anyway, I looked at every single quilt they had in Belks (duh) and finally picked out a very delicate old fashioned white handmade number with dark blue stitching that was absolutely perfect.  As in, the ONLY one I wanted out of probably 75 that I looked at.  I carried it all over the store as we continued to shop, but when push came to shove and it was time to check out, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  (heh...I said do it.)  I trekked all the way back upstairs to the bedding department and put it back where I got it and walked out without buying anything.  I mean, I look kinda used too, sometimes, but the Innocent Bystander doesn't go out and replace me.  (Then again, his boss in Nigeria has two wives-he'd better not be getting any ideas!)

We actually hit quite a few stores while we were there.  As a matter of fact, we stayed until they made an announcement overhead that the mall was closing in ten minutes!  I've closed down some bars in my time, but I think this was actually the first time that I closed down a mall.  And I did it (heh-I said did it) without breaking the bank!  I did end up buying two scarves, but compared to the damage I could have done?  I WAS GOOD.

We got some dinner and I dropped Alex off at Mom's and headed home.  It was almost 9 by the time I got here and I had email to answer and blogs to read and memes to try and books to buy on my Kindle (yes, I finally caved in to peer pressure and bought the Twilight series), which led to more reading, the upshot being that I didn't get to sleep until...well, I'm not really sure when.  I took a melatonin and started reading Twilight and the next thing I knew, my Kindle was on the floor, the sun was streaming in through the blinds, and Nemo was hollering "MOM...WHAT'RE YOU DOING" from the living room.  Pets that talk really creep me out sometimes.  

I got up and did the birds' cages and ground my coffee beans and realized that I had nothing but FARTWATER to make my coffee with, so I had to run up to the store to buy a couple of gallons before I could even start this post.  I don't mind if you SEE me before I have my coffee, but you sure as hell don't want me to TALK to you before I've had a cup.  So now here I sit, and now I have to finger out how I'm going to entertain you today.

Heh.  No, actually, I did have something that I stumbled across last night when I was reading blogs.  Hockeyman ran across a meme theme bleme (blog theme?) that he used on a post and I decided to try it just to see what I came up with and the results were rather startling in that it was almost like sitting down to a tarot reading in reverse. 

The 'bleme' is "The soundtrack of my life if my life was a movie."  What you do is you get your IPod or MP3 player (or whatever device you store your music on) and put it on shuffle so that the songs that come up are random.  Then you hit shuffle for each prompt and write down the song that comes up as the soundtrack for that particular situation in your life.  Here are my results, and I did NOT alter a single one of them (although I have a great deal of latino music-when those came up, I have provided a brief translation).  Some are open to interpretation, but so many are SPOT ON that they are spooky.  Here goes. (This will also serve to give those of you entered in the IPhone giveaway contest a glimpse of the eclectic collection of music which could be yours should you win and choose to leave the music on the phone.)

Opening credits: Woman of the World/Aerosmith
Waking up: Roy Rogers/Elton John
First day of school: El Rey Tiburon/Mana (King Shark)
Falling in love: Desperado/Alice Cooper
Fight song: Satisfied Man/Molly Hatchet
Breaking up: Rebel Yell/Billy Idol
Prom:  Too Young to Know/UFO
Life: Crazy/Patsy Cline
Mental Breakdown: The Captain and Me/Doobie Brothers
Driving: Illusion/Michael Schenker Group
Flashback: Prelude/Styx
Getting back together: On Through the Night/Def Leppard
Wedding: Sweethearts Together/The Rolling Stones
Birth of a child: One Big Drop of Water/Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies
Final battle: Si, Senor/Gloria Estefan 
Death scene: T-Bone Shuffle/Jesse Colin Young
Funeral song: Sacrifice/Toni Childs
End credits: Donde Jugaran Los Ninos/Mana (Where do the children play?)

The connection I made as I listened to each one in context last night is not as obvious in the cold light of day, but trust me-I was stone cold sober when I made the list, and if you listen to these with the proper prompt in mind, more of them than not would be perfect for each situation. *clears throat*  Trust me.

Now, some things for you to think about as you go about your day.  *smooches*


darsden said...

damn girl...I forgot your feet looked like that...thought they were Ya Mamas for a moment...

Call Ya tomorrow honknee

Captain Steve said...

I think I might play with that idea. Excellent.

derfina said...

dar-this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beast, this little piggy had none, this little piggy ran weee weeee weee all the way...WTF? WHERE DID ALL THESE EXTRA FOOKING PIGS COME FROM DUDE? (have a safe trip home)

captain-it was really FREAKY...Hope yours is at least half as eery/fun.

Dana said...

Very interesting meme! Is it really sad that I didn't notice the feet had extra toes? I blame it on the migraine. Dammit.

Island Travel Girl said...

I was so busy checking out the pedicure and foot fur that I didn't even notice the extra toes. (gag) So now, that picture grosses me out on a whole different level.