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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just thought I would update those of you who check in earlier than I can get the birds 'done' and get my coffee made (i.e. this is not Wednesday's post).  After I got my hair done today, I went and got my new 3G IPhone. This was actually more of a major farking pain in the posterior region than it sounds, but fortunately, I plan ahead.  The cellphone account is set up in the Innocent Bystander's name.  When I called Cingular/AT&T yesterday to find out about syncing my contacts, music and pictures, I did think to ask if it would be any prollem for me to get the new phone without the IB being here.  The representative I spoke with looked it up and said that "YES, OF COURSE IT FARKING WILL".  Seems I am was not an authorized user on the account, since it is was only in Doofus's the IB's name.  It took some doing and some dubious phone/internet (YAY SKYPE) connections from Nigeria, but after my passive aggressive "It's okay.  I'll wait for my birthday present until you get home.  Whenever that is..." he did make it a point to get me authorized to take care of this crap without him.  SOOOO...Somebody's newish phone is being polished and dephonenumbered and getting ready for its final kiss goodbye.  It has been a very good phone all things considered, and if I'm being honest, so far I am not seeing a huge diff betwixt the 2G and the 3G.  

My point, though, is that I am now carrying the new phone, so YOUR phone is fixing to be safely tucked into a form fitted box just waiting to be mailed overnight to the address of your choice.  Instead of being subject to being dropped in the river, falling out of my pocket or being stolen out of my car whilst I just run into the gas station to pee.  Just thought you'd like to know that.

G'night, all.   Hasty banana.


PGirl said...


I think I made that pretty clear.

Eric S. said...

I spent four hours at the cell phone place yesterday. Upgrading 2 phones, nothing as nice as the Iphone, but new to us. They young man waiting on us was very helpful, but their "process" is a pain in the arse.

Dana said...

I can't wait til you send me my new phone. That's right, I am that sure I am going to win it. If I don't I will be hunting down the evil twit.

Yes, cell companies are a major pain in the butt. With their contracts and bills they want paid and all...

derfina said...

pg-so do I. I actually avoid talking on the phone like the plague too, which is kinda ironic considering that talking on the phone was my livelihood for 28 years.

eric-and just think-if you win the IPhone, you get to do it all over again!

dana-yeah, paying for stuff sucks. Fortunately, if you already use AT&T or Cingular, it is only 20 bucks more a month than your regular bill for unlimited data and 200 text messages per month. Jeeze-I sound like I work for them!