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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just a quickie

Attention all wyves, bitches and Purvs:  Your positions are secure.

I'm just getting ready to take Ahab to the vet.  His meds have been given, he's been munching on soggy Special K and eating a little bit of sour cream (I know-weird little fart).  We sang the Good Morning Jesus song (I miss you, IB) and have had our little talk about boogers and such.  Now I have to get my head ready to navigate Mobile and try to finger out a way to run into Fresh Market for some broccolini with the birds in the car (Moby has to go too since they share a cage).  I hate to go all the way over there and not be able to shop.

The Seawolves sucked hind tit last night.  We were pretty much slaughtered.  El Juevo was not pleased, although he was mildly amused by my...shall we say company.  I think I'm going to let that story simmer for awhile, though.  Maybe it will seem a little less...sad that way.

I will be running for the rest of the day.  When I get back from the vet, I have to take Eggbert back to school for rehearsal and will prolly do some creative spending at the mall whilst I wait for him to be done so I can take him back to Mom's.  Then it is back here until at least late Saturday, so I may actually have some TIME finally, to clean house, mow grass, finish painting the pumphouse and WRITE.

I hope you all have a loverly day.  I'm going to MAKE THE MOST out of myne! 

11:30am addendum--According to the vet, Ahab is doing remarkably well considering the extent of his injury.  He has gained 6 grams since Saturday, which is 10% of his body weight when he initially went in.  They also showed me a more effective way to hold him so that his head is immobilized so I can clean the wounds better and get the cream where it needs to be, and gave me some powdered formula that he seems to like and eats straight without having to try to syringe feed it to him, so it looks like he is out of immediate danger.  Things are looking up!


darsden said...

dude-ette you should have called I could have coughed and weezed all the way there for you...

I have no fear.... there are NO others like me....


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the vet!

derfina said...

purv-no, no others like you, but ya mama sure comes close!

gnome-thank you so much-it went much better than I expected.

Eric S. said...

How'd it go with the creative spending? Interesting concept by the way, LOL.

Island Travel Girl said...

I am so glad Ahab is doing better, and that they had some suggestions on making it easier to take care of him !