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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Postscript, reminder and a little something extra.

Yesterday's post was unintended.  Not that I wasn't planning on writing a post about Dar-I was, but I wasn't really ready to write it yet.  It was still percolating, because I wanted to get it just right.  I left out so very much of the 'essential Dar'-her love of music of just about ANY kind, her fabulous taste in art, her ability to make anyone comfortable and of course her impeccable taste in friends.  *smirk*  I made no mention of her full sized, anatomically correct mannequin dressed in full Saints regalia or the deer she can magically call to her fire at night or the way she has always had of making me feel special.

 You see, what happened was, I got up yesterday morning, as I do most mornings, ready to greet the day the usual way-I do bird cages and fruits and veggies first (because the birdies can't very well do that themselves now, can they?), then perform my coffee ritual, then sit down at the computer and review email, see how many page impressions that I've had since I went to bed, and do my post for the day, which is usually just waiting to shoot out of my fingers as soon as I sit down, pretty much intact minus a wee (HA! Too wee, you say?) bit of editing.  Yesterday, however, when I got to the email portion of the program, I was kind of flabbergasted to find an email notification that I had gotten something from someone on my NaBloPoMo page.  I signed up to participate, but kind of forgot about it since I post almost every day anyway.  (Also, I'm not constantly reminded of it because I've not bothered to put the little badge on my page, since 'playing' with HTML makes me want to stick stabby things in my eyes and go off screaming into the sunset.)  Anyway, I go to my page and open it up and there is this nice little note from someone who was probably just leaving random notes to people which read:

 Hi!  I'm just checking in with some folks to see how you are doing with the NaBloPoMo?  Are you having any problems coming up with ideas?

 Well, fuck me running.  My mind just went completely blank.  I looked at her email and just wanted to cry, because suddenly it just wasn't THERE.  I had nothing.  At all.  My fingers were as empty as my head. 

 Suddenly, Dar popped into my head.  Like I said, this one had been a long time coming, but I just wasn't ready to commit her to paper.  I wanted it to resonate with all that is Dar, and you and she don't seem to see how miserably I've failed.  I am going to leave it at that, though, because this is NOT a biography.  I just hope I managed to convey in a very small way what a special person she is to me.

 Fortunately, hitting that publish button woke up that something in me again, and I think the juices are starting to flow again.  I'll try not to get any on you.  Heh.

 By the way, for those of you who did not know, we have a contest going on here.  I am giving away an IPhone.  Not a brand new one, mind you.  This one was purchased in April.  It has had an MRI (everything came out fine, thank you-not a toomah to be seen), has been electrocuted and is NOT 3G.  It is the 16 Gig model, currently holds 2744 songs (which can be removed at the winner's discretion) and works just fine-I am still using it until the contest ends at 5pm CST on November 20, at which time I will use Random.org to pull a number from one of the commenters on this post.  No warranties are given or implied, but I will say that this phone has served me well, and if I wasn't so spoiled I would probably be using it for years to come. (Note: I am not commenting back to commenters on that particular post because that would muck up the random thing.)   I will echo a certain comment in that I am rather amazed that at this point, there are only about 11 comments from a total of 6 or 7 people (not sure as I'm typing this at Joe Muggs in Books a Million, where they DON'T HAVE INTERNET ACCESS but they have muy bueno lattes, bless my little barrista's heart).  In other words, humor me, folks.  At least youse guys who have already entered make some more comments, or I am going to feel like a doofus making random.org pick a number between ONE AND ELEVEN.  Sheesh.  Gimme something to work with here, people.  Most of you obviously aren't from around here, cuz where I come from, the lines for free chit snake around for MILES.

 Well, I am off to find an internet connection so I can post this as my latte is gone and being around this many books makes me need  to poop-not as bad as a library with older books, mind you, but bad enough that I need to get out of here. 

 Hasty banana!

 (that's hasta manana for you non-gringos, but my keyboard has no tilde!)

For those of you who will be visiting the wonderful world of wally in the near future, I give you this:


Dana said...

Well, I have been stalking that post for...well every day, sometimes three or four times a day, since posted and I too am shocked. I have managed not to comment every visit so as not to look like I'm a little crazy (haha), but since you are begging for entries, I shall oblige. I don't get it...I even posted a link to it...perhaps I shouldn't have been a smartass and did it in tiny print? Wait...I only have two readers. You and Amber. She's entered.

Anywho, I think it is great that you have such a wonderful friend AND I think that you portayed her wonderfulness well. Even if it wasn't as much as you wanted to say.

derfina said...

I appreciate the link! Every little bit helps. And I really am rootin' for ya on the phone thing! ('course I'm rootin' for everyone!)

Pearl said...

Walmart Bingo. That's the funniest thing I've seen today -- and like you, I see a lot of funny things!

I read you every day, 1.) because I think you're funny and 2.) because you remind me so much of my friend Paula, and I just don't see enough of her. I don't always leave a comment though because dammit sometimes you've just said it all...


darsden said...

She did do me proud...but, what she forgets...is she is so much a part of my soul... who I am.. where I was...where I might be going... She's gonna be there... alway.. I love You Girl... like I do Ya Mama too...after all if wasn't for her... I wouldn't have you...

Island Travel Girl said...

I would post to enter the contest, but I am SCARED of that phone. I can barely handle my basic model, that dials and sends.... And I just uploaded a few CDs onto iTunes (I think) and was almost in tears by the end of it. God help me when I need to get them from computer to iPod.

P.S. I am definitely posting during the trip - it is going to be a LOT of fun !

derfina said...

pearl-I heart you and read you every day, too!

dar-*smooches* right back atcha-glad to see you made it to Jackson in one piece.

island girl-I'm glad you'll be posting...I look forward to hearing from YOU every day, too!