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Friday, August 14, 2009





Ahhh...the pogey plant is cranked up today and the wind is blowing east, so there is a hint of rotting fish (or as my sister in law likes to call it, the smell of steak and eggs-her daddy was a pogey boat captain) in the air.  *sniffs again, blinks*  But what's that?  Do you smell it?

*nose points judiciously into the air*

*eyes brighten*

Mmmm...Ralph Lauren...Polo...Cool Water...and what's this?  A hint of Canoe and Old Spice? How old school.

Did the men's counter at Belks explode?

Oh, wait...NO!  It did not!

THAT, my friends, is the aroma of all the self respecting lesbians and those of us who don't know what the feck we are readying up for the Melissa Ethridge concert tonight at the Hard Rock.  

My Timberland hiking boots are out, along with my flannel shirt and jeans.  I'm fixing to go wash the new 2010 4x4 Tundra, do some chores and errands, then go meet up with my date for this evening, the loverly Dar (for some reason, today I am thinking Darlinator *snort*).  For one reason or another, we have not had a chance to get together in months, and this little dykefest seemed like a wonderful opportunity to reconnect.  ^^arches eyebrows^^

Before I go, though, a word to the wise:  Do not...I repeat...DO NOT ever publish the words, and I quote "three months to look forward to in one place with reliable Internet".  Take my word for it.  Granted, I was a fool to put reliable and Internet into the same sentence, but still.

So.  Tonight.  Hard Rock.  Melissa, Dar and Derfina.  

That's how we roll.