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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Melancholy baby

I'm really missing the Innocent Bystander.  I rectom it is because I have all the rest of my family close for a change, and it just doesn't feel complete without him.  I also have an assload of running around to do today and don't feel like lugging this 'puter around with me trying to find wifi hotspots to post from today, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

I have had several people ask me what the IB does that takes him to all the exotic *smirk* locales that he works in.  He is a jack up boat captain.  When I tell people that, unless they happen to be from the Gulf area, they usually look at me blankly.  That is, of course, those who get past the words 'jack up' without shooting whatever liquid is handy through their nostrils.  Usually people hear what they want to, and I know in some peoples minds, they imagine they heard me say "jack off captain" instead of jack UP.  (Oh, great...now THAT image is going to be stuck in my head on a loop all day like some old Beatles "Chicken To Ride" song.)  In order to clear up this cornfusion, I fingered a picture or two would speak eversomuch more eloquently than I could ever hope to.  *smooches*


darsden said...

Cool Beans! I am quilty of loving the title...but, you already know that and how twisted I am... Like YaMama!! SeeyaSoon

darsden said...

WHERE IS PEARL!!! HOLLA at your bloggers...MsIphone!!!

Braja said...

Well, that was fun. I have to admit though that I'm none the wiser. I am, however, pleasantly happy with my ignorance... :)

Dana said...

Isn't there some sort of rule that if you don't claim your prize it goes to someone else? Like me?

Cool pics! Sorry you are missing him so much today. Some days are harder than others.

julz said...

I'm still no clearer as to what your beluvvid does, but am glad my coffee had cooled, cuz I spewed a little of it.

derfina said...

Okay-first, I contacted Pearl via email yesterday and I express mailed the phone to her, so she should have it by noon today.

As far as what Captain Unit does on that boat with the telephone pole looking thingies? He drives it to the job site, platform or whatever then those poles go down to the bottom of whatever body of water he is in and the boat lifts up to whatever height it needs to be at for the job. Once he is on location and jacked up, he is basically a hotel manager on the water-the work crew lives on his boat and works from there. The boat has a large deckspace for salvage type jobs, and it also has a large crane that he sometimes operates. Is that any clearer?

Pearl said...

Hey, what's REALLY clear to me is how freaking cool an iPhone is!
Came to house today at 11:48 a.m. and I've been rubbing up against it with delight ever since. WOW. Coolest thing -- and not just because it's a prize but because it is one helluva pice of technology.

Derfina baby, you rock in al the best ways. We'll get together some day, and drinks are on me.


derfina said...

Glad you like it and that they delivered it when promised.

I'll hold ya to that drink offer one day, but no worries-I'm a cheap date. It's marrying me that's costly.


Braja said...

You two are sweet. Can I come too?