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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote. Vote. VOTE!

Judging by the political emails I receive from family and friends, half of them think Obama is the anti-Christ, and the other half think of him as the new Messiah.  All I know is that I feel sorry for him, because he can't win.  Oh, sure.  He can, and probably will, win the election.  But there are just SO MANY people (and not just here in the US-remember, the whole of Nigeria expects the skies to part and Ezekiel to start blowing his horn and the big old sacks of money to start raining down when/if this man takes office) pinning their hopes and dreams on this one man.  How can anyone stand up to that much pressure?  I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I guess I'm just feeling very manipulated, and I just haven't fingered out by whom.  It just seems to me that this whole recession crap seem to start when the media started whispering in our ears that we were IN one-that seemed to be when everyone started going all Henny Penny. Because frankly, until they did, no one around here seemed to be any worse off than they were before all the tossing about of the R word.  Yes, gas was high, but honestly, unless Chavez is your presidente, gas was pretty darn high everywhere, not just here.  And yes, the Euro and the GBP were both very strong against the US dollar, but basically speaking, the standard of living, at least in our little neck of the woods, was not suffering. We were just making wiser decisions about how often we really needed to go to Wallyworld or visit those pesky in-laws, not worrying about whether we needed to be burying jars full of coins in the yard.  Maybe this is due to our area having been so economically stimulated by Hurricane Katrina, I don't know.  But I just find it odd that when Wall Street started crashing and burning and 'the gubmint' as it is so charminly referred to down here decided to throw some money at the problem all of a sudden gas prices have fallen by a staggering fifty percent and the pound and the Euro have fallen to the point that all of a sudden the world is a much more level playing field.  I'm no economist, but the cause and effect just doesn't add up for me.

One of these two men will be singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" by the end of the day.  I don't feel the danger would be so imminent if McCain wins because yes, that may just mean four more years of the status quo, but I'M ALRIGHT WITH THAT.  I really fear that if Obama is that man, it won't be too long before the rumbling is going to start, because it will be obvious that this one poor man can NOT turn our water into wine.  He's not walking on water, healiing the lepers or raising our dead.  What is going to happen if he does not put a chicken in every pot, and this is not a New Deal?  What if the emperor is wearing no clothes, folks?  Biden and Pelosi?

I hope I am so very very wrong.  In any case, please exercise your right and your civic responsibility and vote for the candidate of your choice.  I will be examining my conscience very very carefully today.  Regardless of who wins this election, we are all in this together.  I wish them both luck.  And my prayers will be with both of them.


darsden said...

I am with ya honey... I voted..right after ya mama...

great costumes....sorry I missed the party...maybe next year

yes, this is my comments for catching up for a week or more

glad to know what you have been up too...

ya mama knows what I'm been doing...

derfina said...

Hey, there, hussy! Missed you bunches. I didn't miss ya mama, though. I never miss with her!