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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Be careful what you wish for.

Oh, my aching jaws.

I stumbled out of bed this morning and found that my new bff Plungergirl (sorry chick-I'm a 'tard and haven't fingered out how to link you yet) had linked to me, and I had a stunning double digit number of page impressions. WOOT!

My dad is on his way home from Kyrgystan today. He is gonna be so proud of his little girl. Her fifteen minutes of fame are as Sparky the Wonder Twat. Evidently the public wants vaginas. So I have to ask myself, are you gonna be THAT GIRL? Yes, folks. That's me. All vaginas. All the time.


Plunger Girl said...


Yes, the internet does want vaginas. That's why I try to mention them and boobies as much as possible.

Vagina vagina vagina is a good tag. You have no idea how many sickos you're going to attract. The sickos don't ever comment though. I think they're too disappointed when they don't find (for me) photos of plungers in vaginas. For you they'll be looking for vaginas on fire.

Did you know spellcheck wants to tell you that vaginas isn't a word? I'm not sure what they want you to use for plural vagina...Vagini, Vaginis, Vaginini, Vaginae, Vaginies...

Anonymous said...

Yes PG is our vagina go to girl and sometimes there are even warts on said vaginas but I don't think she's ever written about fire coming from that area. You win the prize for that one. :)

Plunger Girl said...

While I may write about vaginas and warts, I do not have any personal experience with genital warts. Just had to clear that up. Don't want to be known as The Genital Warts blog.

darsden said...

Hi, remember me? I think I went to some school with chu..! Use to hang with you...like last month...hummmm..!Damn Bloggers..U took my Biatch...! Love, ur friend...LOL

derfina said...

Well, I rectom I can do vagina. Boobies, too for that matter.

And Dar, I have not forsaken you-I will be there Saturday so you can Wii-whip my sorry ass.