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Friday, October 3, 2008

Addendum: And did I mention gak?

Something I neglected to mention earlier was gak.  Parrots, in an effort to be thoughtful, caring, sharing pets, will now and then 'make you a little offering' by disgorging something from their crop.  The first time this happens, it is frightening as you think your bird is puking his guts up.  When I get home from a trip, it is kinda endearing, in a really disgusting way, as I know this is his way of saying I love you.  And it is usually not too bad-peanuts and kernals of corn come up much the same way they did when they went down. However...

Lately Nemo has taken to coming to find me if I am in the kitchen (in plain sight) or in the bathroom.  Usually, when I am in the bathroom, he will head straight for the baseboards in my kitchen-he has completely demolished one side and is working his way down the other.  I had just finished washing out the birds' water dishes and had given Nemo a drink before I put his dish back in his cage.  I went back to the sink to wipe up the counter and heard the familiar tick of little birdy feet headed my way.  He headed straight for my feet (in sandals) and started playing with my toes.  I don't know if it was the toe action or if he was admiring the parrot tattooed on the top of my foot, but he started that familiar "I'm making you something" motion with his head and neck (very hard to describe but once you see it, you won't forget it) and before I could pick him up he gakked all the water he'd just drank and a little (broccoli? brussels sprouts?) sumpthin' extra all over my foot and into my sandal.  I'm so touched.

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