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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ethics in Blogging

The Innocent Bystander got up this morning and was waiting for me when I stumbled out of the bedroom.  I sat down at my computer to check my email.

Innocent Bystander:  What are you doing?

Me:  Publishing a comment.

IB:  Can I read your blog?

Me:  I don't care.  It kinda creeps me out, but I don't care.

IB:  Well, I got up early and I've already read it.  We need to talk.  (Why the heck do you ask me if you've already read it, Scrotum?)

He again reminded me of what a small, tight knit community we live in.  We (if by we you mean I) have to be really careful what we say around here as everyone in the area is related one way or another or has known all of his neighbors since birth.  He pointed out that my thinly veiled descriptions would fool no one, and that some of my comments were downright mean.  We have only been here for three years, so we are still outsiders (and will be forever, but I digress).  I truly love my little houseboat, and I love this community and the people in it and I don't want somebody around here to POP A CAP IN MY ASS, so I have cleaned up a few posts and deleted a few others in the name of harmony in my household.  Honestly, I have not met anyone from around here who I don't like-people around here take care of each other.  So from now on I will only tell you about my fascination with the dentally challenged or talk about anyone around here in either very vague or VERY FLATTERING terms.  *heavy sigh*  If they just weren't so darned AMUSING. *shakes head*

So.  Ethics point number one.  Thou shalt not point and laugh at thy neighbors.

Which brings me to point number two.  Once something has been published, is it ethical to go back and change things to a) protect the innocent or b) make them funnier?  This has been a real sticking point for me and I could use some input.  It's not like I think this is ART, but sometimes there is a tendancy to want to make it better.  It is catharsis more than anything.  Or justification for sitting on my fluffy fanny in front of this little box of knowledge that I can't seem to drag myself away from despite living in a virtual paradise.  But at what point do you say "It's done"?

My third ethical question of the day involves comments.  Do you respond to every one?  I am so excited (thank you again PlungerGirl) to even have comments that I want to take you ALL out and buy you puppies to lick your faces for me (I'll lick a lot of things, but I have the feeling some of you wear makeup and I don't want that crap on my tongue and frankly, I don't know where some of your faces have been).  I mean, I want to acknowledge every comment, but how many ways can I say thank you?  THANK you.  Thank YOU.  THANK YOU.  Now I know how flight attendants feel as they are saying "Buh bye" four hundred times as I deplane.

And lastly, is it ethical to invite the perverts to my blog by mentioning boobies, vaginas, penises and stories about riding baloney ponies and playing hide the sausage?  I'm thinking yes, as long as you manage to work them into the conversation in a way that they fit.  I don't want to be throwing vaginas around just for the sake of throwing vaginas around.  Or do I? Oh, great.  Now I'm going to have pictures of giant flying vaginas running through my head all day.  *wicked evil grin*  

You're welcome in advance for today's visual.


Di said...

"It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" so I usually plow on through and figure it out if I get in trouble later. That hasn't worked so well mostly now that I think of it. owell.

I enjoy reading your stuff, I'm not always as witty (*sings* and pretty and smaaaaart) as you and PG. Wish I could say I was...but I digress (and often break into song). I DO go back and change things as needed, for whatever reason it may be. Mostly...no one ever can tell or cares.

Change away, let'ter rip!

derfina said...

Thanks for the feedback and for letting me know you're reading me. People who don't blog do not realize how much comments mean to people who do-we all want validation, I guess. I'm learning a great deal from those of you who do comment, and from reading all of your blogs. *smooches*

Sarah said...

I too have just found your blog thru plungergirl and I love it! I will be back frequently!
I only wish I could be as honest on my blog as you are on yours! However, my mother, mother in law, and grandmother read my blog so I don't think they would appreciate reading about my husbands penis or giving him BJs. LOL! :)

Dana said...

I have thought of that problem often and have decided to make only mildly snide and vague remarks about my neighbors...or write about people I know will never, ever read my blog...at least I hope.

derfina said...

I agree. There is plenty of shizzle out there to go around without having to alienate people that I really do care about.

As for relatives reading my blog, MOST of them live in the real world. They all KNOW me, and that I usually leave the bullshite filter off. And I would hope to all that is holy that me mum has tooted a flute a time or two herself (or at least I hope so for Daddy's sake!)

Eric S. said...

I go back and change posts regularly. If it makes it better, there's nothing wrong with it.

I do so love your blog, and I thank PlungerGirl for sending me here. Your sense of humor is the absolute best. I have to sit back and get over my laughing spasms to even comment.

derfina said...

You have made me so happy if I was a biscuit I'd be buttered on both sides!

Anonymous said...

I try to respond to every comment. I usually do so via a personal email. Which takes time. Generally, the only time I'll respond to a comment with another comment is if a specific question about the post is posed and my answer will provide clarity. Otherwise, I just let the comments roll in and then touch base with The Tweakers through email.

About the only changes I make in my post are grammatical in nature. Or to change the wording of something so that it makes more sense. Those changes usually happen within moments of posting, when I catch something I miss. I usually have my wife read my posts before publishing just to make sure they make sense and don't get too wordy or vague.

And I too have family that read my blog. But at 40, if they can't handle truth, then screw 'em.

Just finished your posts from 10/4-5 and, yeah, it all makes sense now. And those images will be with me forever. You sound like someone who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Good for you, my friend.