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Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost can't call it a Monday quickie.

While sitting at the Marietta Airshow watching the planes and the people, the Innocent Bystander made an interesting and perhaps very telling observation.  There were people everywhere, all set up as their own little islands in the grass.  There were groups of every description-families with small children, some leathered out bikers, enterprising little girls set up selling candy bars and cokes and hot dogs and such for a buck a pop, a patch of teens here and there with metal poking out of their lips and eyebrows and holes in their ears you could poke a carrot through and you know they are just as insecure as you were at that age even though they now make you feel uncomfortable like are they casing you out, and  there's a guy here and there in military dress who for one reason or another did not go on base to watch the show.  What the IB noticed, though, was the fact that so many of the little groups were decked out in either Georgia Bulldog gear or Alabama Roll Tide paraphernalia.

His observation?  In our little piece of Dixie, at occasions such as this, we are just as decked out.  We have the flags, and the ice chests, the umbrellas and shirts and drink huggers and grills.  We have the lap blankets, and paper plates and cups and napkins that match.  We support our teams, yes.  And at Mardi Gras, the holiest of holy drinking seasons, we change it all out for purple, green and yellow.  But down here in the deep south?  The teams we support are Budweiser, Miller Light, and Coors-for the pussies.  That's the kind of team spirit you'll see at parades and public gatherings around our neck of the woods.


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