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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Traveling Medicine Show

Okay ya'll.  Looks like the Innocent Bystander is going to take my Sideshow Sally ass on the road!  We are waiting for his passport/visa to come back from the Nigerian embassy in Atlanta, and as soon as it gets here we are going to pack up the birds and take the motor home for a spin.  The love bugs are gone and the chores are caught up, so it is time-we bought it so we could travel and not have to worry about birdie sitters-we just take them with.  Also, we have a guy here replacing the greater portion of our deck and the hammering is driving us  (and the birds) nuts.  We don't really have a destination, as for us it is more about traveling than it is about getting somewhere.  We do know we are heading north, and the plan, if you could call it that, is to head up through Memphis and maybe go to Graceland for a day (no, it's not a forking pilgrimage-neither of us is that redneck!) since we will be in the area, then head on up maybe to Kentucky to stick our heads in a cave or two.  Heck-who knows with us?

The point of telling you this is that I may go missing for a day or two here and there.  While I will have both my IPhone and laptop with me, sometimes it is a pain in the hindquarters to try to find a campground with wireless internet connections, and of course I am the dipshit who buys all the latest technology the day before they come out with the NEW AND IMPROVED version, so my IPhone has to rely on Edge rather than 3G, and Edge does not work so well in the mountains.  We shall see.  In any case, I will do my best to update regularly while we are traveling.

Now, since you haven't had your dose of funny yet this morning, I am going to try to link you something that makes me shoot peas out of my nose every time I see it (yes, I eat a lot of peas).  If there are any ultra holyrollers in the audience (kinda doubtful, eh?) today, I am sorry, but if you don't find this funny, you have deeper issues than we can deal with here.  Make sure your volume is cranked. 


darsden said...

Cool Beans.. Have Fun...will miss ya..Tell jr. to call me if he needs something!!!

SgtSudsWife said...

Have a great time.I love the mountains and I could just keep on driving through them if I had an RV.Take lots of pics.

derfina said...

dar-El Juevo is at momma's for school, so he shouldn't need anything, but I'll tell him.

sgt-I will. And since mynewyfe sent me destructions my we little brain could process, I've actually fingered out how to include them, so I may be inclined to share! *wink*

to both of you-our plans have changed already, too. Due to a SNAFU at the Nigerian Embassy, we have now decided to take the RV to Atlanta, rent a car and take care of this crap in person, and maybe go to Six Flags and hit a roller coaster or two. *smooches*

darsden said...

ROTFLMAO, thanks for the link... don't forget to pick me up... I'm packed..!