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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've got the jimmy legs

I have done it sitting down, standing up, on my back and on my hands and knees.  I have been flipped, flopped, tossed, twirled and corkscrewed, and I never had to take my panties off.  I have been roller coastered!

We spent all day yesterday at Six Flags and had a blast.  Unfortunately, at this time of the year, the park is only open on weekends from late Friday through Sunday, so Saturday was crowded.  It was beautiful weather-a cold front pushed the rain on through, and it was clear and cool all day.  Lucky thing, as we spent at least an hour in line for almost every ride we chose.  That was kind of okay with me, though-between the mountain hike Thursday evening and all of the other walking we'd been doing, my legs appreciated the rest between rides-it is a great collection of rides, but folks, I live in an area where the highest elevation in our area is probably a pile of leaves in our backyard-Mississippi is flat out FLAT.  And Six Flags is anything BUT flat.  If I could hang out here for a month, my legs would look as good as any UPS man's out there.  As it stands, they look more like the Pillsbury dough boy's, and performed about as well as I'd expect his would have.

We rode almost all of the big roller coasters that day, with the exception of the American Scream Machine (it is made of wood, and I am just not that fond of them, and we had to prioritize-it didn't make the cut) and the Georgia Scorcher (we got to it at the end of the day and there was a 90 minute wait and that just wasn't going to happen at that point).  Almost every ride either met or exceeded our expectations and we only got to hit 7 of them the first day, so we decided to go back this morning.  (We purchased season passes as they are good for the rest of this season and ALL of next year, and were only $10 more than a day pass-going back today payed for them already.)  Evidently Sundays are much slower than Saturdays, because we were there at opening time (I was actually the first one in the park!) and by 1pm we had done everything we wanted to do PLUS I got to ride the Acrophobia ride twice by myself (the Innocent Bystander is a PUSSY) and we both rode the Georgia Scorcher twice-there just weren't any lines to speak of at all.  It was a blast.  I guess I got the gene from my paternal grandfather and my Uncle Don-if memory serves, they were always big roller coaster fans.

We came back to the camper and realized that we had timed it perfectly to make the Marietta Air Show, so we packed a small ice chest an a couple of chairs and headed up the road about a mile.  For a fee, we were able to park right at the end of the runway and watch the funny planes and the Thunderbirds with a perfectly unobstructed view.  It was absolutely perfect.  After dinner and a shower, we are now back at the motor home and it is beer thirty, so I am going to cut this short.  We will be leaving in the morning, and I think we are going to road warrior it and make the whole trip tomorrow instead of breaking it up into two legs like we did coming up.  We don't have scads to do when we get home, so hopefully I will be back to business as usual and posting half assed regularly.  But it was nice to put my brain on hold for awhile and fully enjoy my time with the IB.  And I do mean fully.


darsden said...

YaMama gets Jimmy legs too after I'm done...

Pearl said...

Now why does that sound so nice?! Sounds like a great trip. I love your writing style.