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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trying something new

I am so excited, ya'll.  I have been invited to be a contributor to Ornery Woman which is a HUGE honor to me.  Today was my inaugural post.

Well, the Innocent Bystander just went and cast his absentee vote as he leaves for the Fatherland on election day.  I really fear he has gone the final step in declaring himself a 'brothah' by voting for Obama and making himself a true African American.  He won't tell me who he voted for, but I really think we are cancelling each other's votes out this year.  I just can't jump on THAT bandwagon.  And I may just be writing in PlungerGirl as my candidate of choice.  *snicker*

Oh.  Did I tell you that we have a new rule in our house?  We (if by we you mean numbnutz over there) are no longer allowed to fix the toilet with a hammer.  We are also not allowed to install lights in rooms that have no working on/off switch.  Thank the Big Baboo that we discovered there was no way to turn off our purdy new light in the SOBER light of day, cuz that could have been a real Keystone Kops scene as we were trying to put the birds to bed after a hard night of drinking. 

Now he is fixing to install some blinds, so I am going to cut this short as I sense impending disaster as the flat screen TV is right in front of the window in which he is planning to put them.  Not to mention the feather shower that is likely to ensue.  I'll see ya'll tomorrow.  After I have my cheese buger hot dog shake.

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Island Travel Girl said...

Ah yes. Home "improvements". Have hammer, will fix things.

Good luck with that - hope you have some newfound privacy, and a functioing TV when it's all over.