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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Goobers R' Us

The Innocent Bystander is a list maker.  He has lists of his lists.  Last night we were sitting on the porch drinking a few (everything is relative, dudes) beers and he decided to make a list as we were discussing our plans for the weekend.  This is his list of things we are supposed to be doing and eating this weekend:

kat food  mm             duck food   water    HB pictures
cokes         bleech          jerky   get rid of deck boxes
cut wings            aunt poison       jerry lees           chain
double plug       candles           plants          2 more valves
chandelier holder     windex       passport   hum bird juice
l. room light
new LR light   zigzags  blacklight blubs
check camper fridge  costume 101 Dalmations
stool for deck table   paper bag for costume
take down ceiling fan  roaster/2 roast
cable clamps for deck

Now we go to page two which looks like he was trying to get more organized:
Walmart                                                Lowes
nemo toy                                        nemo rope/manilla
new ghost                                       chain
dog&cat food                                  living room light
candles                                             deck cable clamps
black light blub   2 valves
bleech water                                   stool
double plug                                     aunt poison
windex                                             plants
green sticks                                    blinds 4'x6'
hum bird juice                          chandelier holder
roast/pork/sides pens
waffle stuff-apple pie
get len's telescope  shed lock/eyebolt & chain
pieshells mixed veg
cut wings                                       (101 dalmations paper bag)
get rid of deck boxes
take down fan
roaster                                           ride bikes/play catch
HB Pictures
jerky                           Passport

Page three:
4 lobsters    Tues & vote
grilled stuff                Wed & potatoe salad (Boy channels Dan Quayle when drinking)
Pizza Hut lunch Thur
Pot PIE and apple pie
subway filly cheeze stake

**make waffles/waffle iron/pecans
nacho's - Sunday
steak sandwiches or po boy
better beans
black eyed peas w/the pork roast
rolls for roast/clay cornbread
bubble wrap
apple pie today & pot pie

And I thought I was the writer around here.  Heh.          


Eric S. said...

My middle sister is a list maker. She has lists for everything. We went on vacation with her, and she had a list of everything we should do.

What fun is it with out spontaneity. LOL

Pearl said...

I love a man with a list.

My favorite is running across old lists...


julz said...

looks like he tries to be a good scout.........
wonder which aunt he plans to poison

derfina said...

eric-I know what you mean. On our first trip to Amsterdam, the IB had everything so planned out I was surprised pissing wasn't on the list. Then again, it's kinda hard to plan that over there-you have to PAY to pee in 'da Dam'

pearl-GAWD! Don't get me started on old lists. You can read the history of our lives through his lists!

julz-*nods vigorously* yeah, he IS a good scout. Hard to tell about the aunt, though. Family lines are very blurry around here. He actually has a little sister who was her OWN MOTHER'S AUNT! (longish story)