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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Up for Air

*tries to work up a blush* 
*fails miserably*

Nice weather we're having.  How's the kids?  Your mama?  (Hush, Dar-I KNOW how yo' mama is.)

Does everyone have their New Years resolutions all ready to drag out tomorrow?  I must admit, I have not been giving them enough thought what with having my brains addled regularly for three days and all, but I'm working on them.  

I have mixed feelings about the end of 2008.  I know the country has been through hell this last year, but our personal bottom line this year is eversomuch mo' betterer than it was in 2007 that I kind of hate to see it go.  I hate to even wish for more as it feels weird enough to be doing well when everyone else is just trying to keep their heads above water.  This job that the Innocent Bystander finagled?  *shakes head*  I really, honestly never expected it to work out.  I spent the whole first hitch waiting to hear that he'd been kidnapped and wondering if he would actually get paid and praying that if he ever made it home his old company would take him back.  The whole second hitch I still wanted him to keep the lines of communication open with the old company.  Now that the house is paid off and our only outstanding debts are for frivolous things that wouldn't kill us were we to lose them, I only focus on his absence as the normal inconvenience his job is, no matter where it is.  Which is, I rectom, as it should be.  

In any case, we are saying farewell to the old and ushering in the new in the traditional manner. I have the requisite 25 lb. ham roasting for the shindig at the Shingle Mill tonight, and will save the bone for my blackeyed peas and greens for tomorrow.  We have enough beer stocked in the beverage locker that the houseboat has a decided list to the left, and the IB has the stereo going full blast outside so all the neighbors can wonder at his peculiar taste in New Years music. Champagne is chilling HERE this year, since last year it somehow disappeared from the bar cooler before midnight, and I think I am actually going to put on some makeup.  

The Innocent Bystander?  He is outside working on something extremely special.  Once again, my magical blog has caused something to happen that I thought was impossible, and I'm still not sure it is going to work, so I will save that revelation for tomorrow.  If it does, I will believe that ANYTHING is possible in 2009!

Ya'll have a safe and happy celebration tonight!  Please don't drink and drive-I don't want to lose any of you!

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darsden said...

Good Morning Sunshine... Have a very special new years celebration...several times tonight! ;-)

Mama Dawg said...

Happy New Years! See ya next year! Yes, secretly inside, I'm 13 years old.

Braja said...

IT'S 2009!!! YAY!!!!

Happy new year Derfina darlin'!!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Happy New Year! Those black-eyed peas sound delish.

Pearl said...

Happy New Year, Baby!

Darsden's been keeping your name on our lips whilst you were out, um, gettin' some. :-) Good friend, that gal!

Going to a party tonight in walking distance of the house.
:-) Come and get me, copper!

Or, in the words of my friend Mary: Take me to jail!!

2009 is going to be great.


derfina said...

Dar-You know it! Ya ought to come join the fun! If you can drag yourself away from MY MOMMA, that is!

Mama Dawg-Right back atcha! Heh-I'm 13 too-and a BOY!

Braja-Same to ya, my little redheaded yogi!

Pseudonymous-*nods* Three things I've not screwed up too bad lately-blackeyed peas, collards, and cornbread! Happy New Year!

Pearl-Yeah, we are walking to the Mill. I'm just afraid I'll drink so much that when I hear sirens I will assume it is my ride!

*smooches* to all!

Mrs. G. said...

Happy New Year!

NurseExec said...

I was hoping you were still alive, LOL! Have a fun New Year!

Braja said...

Is it just me, or does that woman in the first photo have, like, NO ASS???!!

C'mon Derfina, quit holdin' out, spill the beans...whaddya talkin' about? all mysterious 'n stuff....

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Happy New Years!!

La Belette Rouge said...

Happy New Years!!! Smooches to you. Hee-hee, beat you to it.;-)

Kelley said...

Happy New Year babe!!!

Poptart said...

I'm so glad you came up for some of that there air. ;)

Happy New Year, Friend!

HappyHourSue said...

Hope you had a rockin' new Year's....and so happy that your '08 was a good one. Here's the the same in '09!

midlife slices said...

Hey, happy new year from a fellow Plunger girl follower. Sorry you didn't win the new toy but there's always next time.

Your party sound fun and I hope you had a great time. :)

derfina said...

Mrs. G-Same to you and your hubby-hope his knee is much mo' betterer this year.

NurseExec-Alive and kickin'! Happy New Year to you and your hubby!

Braja-Consider them spilt with my New Year's post, now that it's in the bag.

Twenty four at heart-Happy New Years to you as well-glad to see you here-come back often!

La Belette Rouge-Happy, happy new years to you, your hubby, and to your new addition. Lily should add a new sparkle to 2009!

Kelley-And a very happy new year to you, Boo and the whole family!

Poptart-Yeah, I had to take a break to blog, eat and party!

Happy Hour Sue-It was as rockin' as a country redneck bar can make it! Here's to many more just like it!

Midlife Slices-Welcome! Glad to see another PG fan! I think I had more fun with the contest than I ever would have the toy! Come back and visit!

*smooches* to all!