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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To there and back again

Just a quick note to document the day as I need to get to bed early and get lots of rest. Tomorrow will be my 100th post, so I will need plenty of time to do the traditional 100th blog jig for ya'll.

I got up at the buttcrack of dawn (I actually woke up at 4:30am, 30 minutes before my alarm was set for, although I continued to lay there and wait for it to go off (heh) then hit the snooze alarm every 4 minutes for almost an hour) and was ready to go when Dar got here at 7:15.  Once we got on the interstate, I tried writing on the fly, but it just doesn't work for me.  I was too busy to concentrate, trying to bore holes in the fog with my eyes and "helping" Dar drive by grabbing the dashboard and gasping like someone had hit me with a cattle prod every time she changed lanes or speed.  I did get my laptop out and tried to type, but between my duties (heh) as shotgun and trying to see through the weirdly bright considering the fog glare on my screen I only gave it about ten minutes before I decided to hang it up and just enjoy the day and write later.

We surprised her family, as her niece, *looks pointedly toward Destin* had not read my post ^^arched eyebrows^^ yesterday announcing our intentions to attend the Christmas program. So much for me spoiling the surprise, eh Dar?  We visited for a short while and admired their precious new Yorkie puppy, then headed off for the church/school.

The program was wonderful.  I loved loved loved watching at all those cherubic little faces earnestly singing their hearts out, in some cases at the top of their lungs.  It was wonderful watching Santa arrive on a firetruck, and my heart melted at their sincerity as they told him what they wanted for Christmas.  I especially enjoyed knowing that after they ate their weight in cookies and drank enough lemonade to float a boat and were bouncing off the walls and making their parents wonder if someone had replaced their little angels with SATAN'S SPAWN, I would be safely back at home, tucked in here with my laptop and all of you in Blogsville.  Because much as I love them in the abstract, most of them would drive me bat shit crazy within 24 hours.  Except maybe that middle child.  *shakes head*  He steals my heart every time.



PlungerGirl said...


I adore those cat thing-a-majigs.

I'm having a sex toy contest at my place--figured you of all people would be down with it! Starts on Friday!

darsden said...

hey, I offered you plenty of drugs before you went...during the time you were there and on the way home missy...the kids even told you... they love dardars racecar! Rem...they made us drive them to to eat in the racecar...!! LOL

Bourlandzoo said...

I always knew Travis was your favorite. There is just something about him. Oh, and Baxter is a Dorkie, not some sissy Yorkie. LOL!

Braja said...

Oh jeez FINALLY I can get a comment box open...

I thought of so many things to say but now I forget. And still lmao at that cat. I'm sure Liza Bean will be mortified at the language. I just sent you an email cos I can't upload a photo here; it's the same image but different blurb. I know you'll love it...a

La Belette Rouge said...

That is one bad ass cat.Anger management is needed for the pissy pussy cat!

Rassles said...

Didn't your ears hurt? Didn't you want to stuff them with the closest object that fits, like your fingers? Or a fork?

derfina said...

PlungerGirl-OH OH OH...Way to go, Mary Christmas! I am SO entering (heh...I said entering) your contest!

Darsden-they love their Dardar!

Bourlandzoo-He SLAYS me. That kiss goodbye was the stuff blushes are made of, and he's only three. You think BABYGIRL is gonna give you trouble-I have news for you!

Braja-Those Minneapolis Biteys are a wee bit on the conservative side, no?

La Belette Rouge-Ahh, but we love the pissed off pussies!

Rassles-It was mercifully short and sweet. And like Dar said...She was offering me DRUGS, dude!

*smooches* to all!

Dana said...

Sounds like I would be in need of a valium before riding with Dar, cuz I have issues. Just so you know, I proofread what I wrote just then because I forgot what I had written and it actually said "ride the Dar". Should have just left it, eh?

Kids will drive you crazy all day and then give the best kisses ever and you forget all about the whole day.

darsden said...

LOL..Dude you need to tell them I'm not that pussy, nor am I a pussy, that cusses (like that much)but I do enjoy a goood...........................(left open intentionally) I enjoy doing the speed limit plus 5 or 10 what's wrong with that....Hey I covered 3 states in 1 day and back..thats just how I "do it" when it got to be done! You gonna roll with the big dog..ya gotta roll (like ya mama) or stay on the porch lil bunny foofoo.