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Thursday, December 4, 2008

By George

I think I got it!

I don't know if it was so much the peanut brittle, or if it was more the act of delivering it to my parents and my brother that did it for me, but I think I turned a little corner yesterday on the old spirit front.  Especially meeting my brother-we were both actually on the same road when I called him and we met in the middle.  It was just a drop and run, but that seems to be when that little spark lit up.  Well, either that moment, or the one about thirty minutes later when I found the PERFECT pair of hiking boots for our trip to Costa Rica.  Either way, I seem to have gotten past my shopping block. 

*bitch slaps self*  Sorry.  I kinda lost it there.  The image of me suffering through this awful *wracks brain* what has it been?  SIX DAY LONG shopping block.  *shakes head*  Sometimes I even tickle myself.

Anyhoo, I managed to knock out pretty much all of the little 'filler' type gifts, and my brother and his wife are now taken care of, so I am whittling it down.  I am fixing to go take (hush-it's a southern thing-I know mo' betterer) my mother in law out to lunch, then Dar and I are going to hit the mall and do some toying with the local economy.  My sister in law and I then have a date to meet up at the Beau Rivage-once again (one month to the day later, now that I look at it) she has been comped a room, and she has invited me to stay with her because she wants to take me out to dinner for my birthday since we haven't seen each other since then.  The Beau has some VERY nice shops, so I can both play and shop at the same time.  What an effecient stimulator I am!

The play last night was amazing.  If you manage to make it out between now and Sunday, you are in for a real treat.  The adaptation they do of A Christmas Carol is very unique in that there is a great deal of audience participation.  All of the actors in this one did a superb job-they each play several different parts, and some of the costumes were just hilarious.  There was a GIANT spirit with tatas to rival those of Boobielicious, a corpse we thought might have an erection, and even a cross dresser (whose laundrywoman was the stuff of genius).  Yes, there was the typical snafu prior to the performance, but I won't even go there because it would take away from the focus here, which is that the play is, was and I'm sure will be well worth a gander.  GO-it's only five bucks for a good two hours worth of entertainment.

Well, I'm off for today.  Post will be late tomorrow because I am not lugging this behemoth laptop with me (the Beau, which is supposed to be THE hotel/casino, DOES NOT PROVIDE FREE INTERNET, the bastards-how farking cheap can you get in this day and age? $12 a day my fat ass.)  Ciao!



darsden said...

It was a very funny play. Enjoyed it soooo much! I am hungry!! How dare you go to lunch without me... " I must be Fed"

Pearl said...

Oh, Derfina, thank God I just figured out what a "lagniappe" is!!
Hee hee! I have a new word, I have a new word!
Will have to throw that into a conversation soon, just to see if I'm the last person to have learned it. :-)
Had to share...

Dana said...

I can't believe she would dare dine with out you Dar!

I am glad the play was so good and you were able to get past that shopping block. It was gettin' scary!

Braja said...

Well, sure, go ahead, if you think that going away somewhere without your computer is more important than me.... :(

La Belette Rouge said...

COngrats on the shopping mojo. I seem to have great shopping mojo for me and a bit of a block when buying for others. I haven't even bought cards yet.

I HATE hotels that do not provide free internet. It is evil and wrong and there should be a law. We'll miss you.:-)

KMcJoseph said...

I love when you pay for the internet in your hotel and it still sucks and cuts out all the time.

Di said...

what is that a picture of?

derfina said...

Dar-One morsel at a time, Sweetness!

Pearl-A little southern custom, it tis...a little something extra.

Dana-It was VERY scary-my crappy health insurance won't pay for shopping withdrawal rehab.

Braja-NOTHING is more important than myne redheads, doll.

La Bellette-I agree-there ought to be a law! Hell, every HALF ASSED RV park has free wireless internet. The casinos have to take you every possible way they can.

KMcJoseph-Welcome! Exactly why I'm not going to take my 'puter. I have my IPhone in case I start twitching, but otherwise, I'm going cold turkey ('cept I stopped by Dar's to address comments before I go)

Di-I'm not sure, but for some reason I find it very erotic-my panties get wet every time I look at it.

*smooches* Hasta manana! (dammit janet-no tilde)