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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Takin' Care of Bidness

Gah.  My coffee is off.  I forgot to put the lid on the pot so it did not fully drip through, and it tastes weak and weird. 

I got the Innocent Bystander off yesterday with no major malfunctions.  Dar and I were going to go to the outlet mall, but between her bum knee and the subfreezing temperatures, we decided to hell with that idea.  We met at Starbucks/Barnes and Nobles for a cuppa and for me to pick out some Barcelona travel guides (don't need Amsterdam books-have a million of them, and already been there twice), then went on a wild goose chase trying to find some Euros to buy.  I had to go to three different banks before I was able to trade my green, uniform bills into a mismatched stack of multicolored funny money.  And I have a beef. Who the hell actually gets the going exchange rate?  What is the forking point of reporting that the Euro is at $1.28 if you can't get them for less than $1.37?  The $10 service fee isn't enough? *shakes head*

After we drove from one end of Gulfport to the other, I talked her into going into PetSmart as I wanted to look at birdie toys and such.  I got some high calcium egg food for Ahabella and while I was looking at toys, my eyes drifted down to the bottom shelf, where I saw nesting boxes.  (This is going to generate a pissed off phone call from the IB, but... ^shrug^)  The IB and I had discussed letting her keep her eggs and sit on them so that she will quit laying, because we are up to three eggs now, counting the one that I made him bury.  She is laying an egg every two days, and I don't want her to keep it up, because it really depletes her little body of calcium and makes her vulnerable to breaks and infections.  I met up with my friend Dinky the other night, and she said she will help hand feed any babies that may result from this little experiment and will take one (she had to get rid of her companion bird after Katrina as she lost her home), although we don't even know if the eggs are fertile.  After all, we thought Ahab was a boy-Moby may well be one too.  Only time will tell.  In any case, supposedly letting her keep her eggs and sitting on them will either result in a wee clutch of little half breeds, or her losing interest in sitting after three weeks or so, in which case all we are out is the seven bucks the box cost.  She seems happy.

Now I am off to pick up El Juevo from school.  I am taking him out to lunch (Chinese, natch) then we are going to 'do' a movie, which I've tasked him with picking (brave, eh?), and then we are home for a long weekend.  His birthday is Sunday, so I also have some planning to do for that-I may smell a trip to a casino coming on.  I'm certainly feeling LUCKY!!!


darsden said...

Awe she's peeking out. Cool beans that she is using it. Enjoy your day with jr. :-)

Mama Dawg said...

Good luck at the casino!

Pearl said...

Happy birthday to El Juevo!
And cute pic of the birdie. :-) Will be interesting to see what happens next!

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great Blog & photos!
New blog on the Hx. of the Lady Bug:

derfina said...

Dar-I chose to celebrate too soon, I think. They drug all the nesting material out of it overnight. Cool beans how YA MAMA was using it last night, though!

Mama Dawg-That prolly won't be til Sunday, but thanks!

Pearl-Yes, I am prolly going to have scrambled eggs in a box by the looks of things, though.

*smooches* to all 'real' people!

darsden said...

dang girl I told you to leave my mama alone... I was wondering WTF she had all in her hair, biocth! Ya' Mama however has No explanation now does she *wicked evil grin* >;-)