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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Community meal on the river tonight!

Ahhh.  The first hint of fall.  *heavy sigh*  I got my first taste this morning.  I went outside to pull the curtains and it was actually colder outside than it was in here in the air conditioning.  I immediately ran back inside, turned both a/c's off and threw open the windows.  It is just loverly.

Kinda energized me.  I finally got out and ventured into the shed, which was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, all things considered.  Stuff was tossed about and the floor is really frightening to walk on as the particle board is all warped at the points where it overlaps, but there was not nearly as much mud and muck as I'd expected.  Last time it was really bad, but this time I had more ants to deal with than mud.  I will probably go back out tomorrow and do a better job of organizing it and might even haul a load of crap out for a change instead of waiting for Johnny to get home.  The spiders do give me pause, though.  I'm usually all "Oh, don't kill it-they eat bugs" but you'da never believed it watching me do the "OHSHITOHDEAR WHERE DID THEY GO IS THAT HAIR IN MY FACE OR WEB" spastic flailing I was doing coming out of there.  I am not talking about a spider, folks.  I am talking thousands.

Since I was in the get chit outside done mode, I grabbed the weedeater and attacked some of the Y-weeds that have gone apeshit in the yard around the shed.  That was a treat.  There is no way to avoid the little fiddler crabs that are just everywhere since the water receded.  Every time I stepped on one, I'd think "Crunchy, but with a creamy center".  Totally grossing myself out.  Gah.

As I was finishing up, my neighbor heard me banging around and came out and said she was making a big pot of lima beans for dinner, and to come join them for a bowl.  I told her I'd like that, and that since I was hankering for some collards, I'd make a mess of them.  She said someone was making cornbread, and somebody else was making cobbler, so it is turning into a 'thang'.  One of the older guys is out there fishing, and just caught a beautiful white perch, so maybe he will scare us up some fish to fry.  That is a really nice thing about living in this little community of houseboats.  They naturally lend themselves to only one or two people living in each one since they are so small so when anyone is making something like that that you really have to make a whole batch of, everyone tends to kind of 'stone soup' it and turn it into a potluck of sorts.  It doesn't make sense to cook beans or collards for just one or two people so we all get together to eat probably once or twice a month.  This beautiful weather is the icing on the cake!

(Fortunately Johnny is still in Nigeria, so I can fart all night at will and not feel obligated to smother them *snort*)


Blonde Giraffe said...

I love a girl that admits she farts all night after a really good fart making meal. Just how was the fart storm?
I love the blogs. If you keep typing, I'll keep reading.
Go check out myspace. I got to spend the day with giraffes. I got some really great pics. **smooches** The Blonde Giraffe

derfina said...

And me, a girl who was taught the whole time I was growing up that 'girls don't fart, they foosie'!

Twas a loverly symphonic fartfest. Nice and fluffy with no odor and few cramps. Greens, I think, really produce the most farts for your buck. The beans were just icing on the cake. *smooches* right back atcha!