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Monday, September 29, 2008

So I've been away.

Yes, I have been away.  I thought about writing in Dover, but decided against it, as I wanted to spend as much time with the kids as possible.  (Sure.  It had nothing to do with big girl beverages and my resolution to NOT blog whilst under the influence.  So.)  

It is very disconcerting to realize that your kids really can get along without you and still eat halfassed regular meals and wear clean clothes.  Granted, military life has equipped Ronny in some areas much better than I was ever able to do, but it was still a shock to see a well stocked (i.e. vegetables) pantry and a spice rack with more (is that possible?) bottles and cans and potions and goos than I have.  And did I mention that these twentysomething children of myne have pretty much everything we have and did I mention that they are TWENTYSOMETHINGS?  I know that base housing helps tremendously (and if theirs is any indication of the quality of military housing, may I just say: Moms-get your kids into the military YESTERDAY) but even with that, they seem to be doing very very well for their ages.  So is this a "We must have done something right?" moment, or a "They did this despite my parenting skills or lack thereof?" moment?  Point to ponder.  Either way, I am extremely proud of them both. (Did I mention Jamie got her BS diploma?  Way to go, my darling dotter-in-law! )  It was a wonderful trip.  They turned me on to The 4400 and Dexter, and I now have Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" on Rockband burned into my brain forever.

Now I am back and it is time to pay the piper.  I have spent an incredible amount of money in the last ten days and have gotten very little accomplished considering the spousal unit will be home on the 4th.  I did put Dar through a couple of hours of shoe shopping torture, which I walked out of *snort* with a pair of beautimous rich dark brown leather Josef Seibel "Destiny" shoes.  I did not realize that she was not a shoe person until my nipples were already hard and I was contemplating rubbing a pair lovingly up my thighs, so I let her off easy and just got the one pair.  I did, however, start bonding with a loverly pair of black very strappy high heels that would very nicely slutify my Awful Waffle costume for hubby's (heh) viewing pleasure. (Note to self: do not forget to book hotel!)

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