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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My view on The View

Argh.  My hands are all pruny from cleaning sinks and toilets.  Not because they needed it, but because I had to be doing something with the water running to cut some of the shriekiness coming from Elizabeth Hasselbeck this morning on The View, as usual.  Not that I blame her.  While I love the show, it is difficult to watch her getting gang banged by the rest of the panel every day as the lone Republican, and it is not hard to understand why she gets so emotional.  I will be glad when the election is over so the shows will be back to being more balanced.  I love all of the panelists separately, but together it is really becoming rather exhausting to watch.  I have to Tivo the  show and watch it five times to see what each one is saying because they all seem to talk at the same time when the talk turns political.  And Joy seems to love to bait Elizabeth in a passively aggressive sort of condescending way.  Sherry's voice just grates on my nerves when she is emotional about anything.  Barbara tries to be nonpartisan but it is easy to figure out which way she leans.  Whoopi Goldberg seems to be the only one who can succinctly state her case and then (usually) not get horribly combative about insisting that she be heard.  I will be thrilled when the most political the show gets is who is voting for whom on American Idol!

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