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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Head in the sand

I told myself I was not going to borrow trouble by worrying about Hurricane Ike until/unless it made it into the gulf.

I decided I had to get back to the houseboat as the bird situation was crazy over at the house.  There is no carpet or curtains (tile & blinds) so they are extremely shrill with nothing to buffer the noise.  So I got straight up this morning, serviced their cages and loaded them up and came back here.  Now I have been gone a week.  The water was down within the banks three days after the stormlette.  I come home today, and we are flooding again.  It is not too bad.  The road was almost completely submerged but reappeared by the time I finished coming back and forth.  The river is running extremely strong, too.

I stopped by the Oaks on my way home and Tu's cousin asked what I was going to do for the storm.  I told him I wasn't going to even think about it unless it came into the gulf, and he said "Oh, it's coming into the gulf".  I got a gutsick fisty feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I really have not even looked at the weather in about five days-when I'm in actual hurricane mode I tend to watch the weather 24/7 and when it's over for us I am waaay over the weather.  I came home and the forcast has changed so much in five days!  (Kinda proves my point about not worrying about it too soon.)  Now it looks almost certain to head this way-last time I looked they were saying it was going up the east coast.  Fortunately I only brought the bare necessities home with me in anticipation of possibly having to run again.  It sucks that it is flooding though-in order to get my stuff back here, I ended up having to take the boat/trailer off of Johnny's truck because it was too deep for my car, and of course some dipshit parked right in the only spot I can get through when there is water over the road.  They forget that not everyone drives a 4x4.  I guess I will go to Wallyworld later and pick up some water and drinks to restock the house.  I did bring all the fixings for red beans and rice for tomorrow.  I may see if Clay will make some cornbread and we can have a neighborhood dinner, since I refuse to cut my recipe such as it is, and it makes enough to feed an army.  Maybe tomorrow will be nice enough for everyone to get their remote control boats out and we can get some races going.  Anything to get me away from the TV.  Now that I've looked, it's like I can't look away, and I am not looking forward to another five days of the Weather Channel, much as we appreciate the information.  

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