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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yay Blogspot! Boo LiveJournal!

I've spent the better portion of the day getting mind fucked by LiveJournal. It would not let me copy and paste anything to my gerberblog, but it did not let me know it wasn't going to until after I posted. I tried everything I could think of, then decided to consult the wizard of all things computer. Alex kept thinking it was the site but I argued that it was the browser setting (cuz that is what the farging site kept telling me). To settle the matter, I asked him for another blog site because like I said, I'm a virgin. *smirk* To make a long story short, Alex wins. I copied and pasted my two earlier posts in their entirety to blogspot with no problems, so it was the site, nanny nanny booboo to me.

Whilst I did copy and paste said entries I am no whiz kid when it comes to formatting, so from the point where I copied and pasted the one line, the entire post from that point on got really tiny, fontwise. Rather than spending any more time on it, when I previewed it I just said to hell with it and posted it the way it was. I'm sure this is a learning process-I'll get the hang of it eventually. Just wanted to throw that in as an apology to anyone who has read this (thus?) far.

I was thinking earlier in the day when I was writing the first post that there was nothing to it-just write what comes into your head. I thought of all the authors I'd read who'd moaned about writers' block and such and thought "what candy asses". That was before I noticed that from the point where I had tried to incert my husband's one lined email everything I'd written was gone! All my work! I suddenly lost my blase' attitude.

I went out to the back porch to switch clothes from the washer to the dryer, and noticed for the second time a little tiny wrenlike bird in the upper corner of the porch. Frogs and spiders hang out there, because Alex keeps the light on the porch on to pee by. Bugs are drawn to the light, so the frogs and spiders are fat and happy. When I saw the bird the other night, I thought it was hanging out there because of the storm, but since it is back tonight, I am wondering if it is just a bug eater of some sort. If so, it is welcome to hang out there, but I fear that the cats might wait until the poor thing's guard is down and make a little snack of it. There is no ledge or anything for it to sit on-it is just kind of clinging to the siding in the corner there. It's not like it doesn't have a gagillion other choices of places to live around here. Something else for me to worry about.

Well, I have decided to have a big girl drink (Busch Light in a bottle, thank you very much. Deceptively low maintenance, that would be me!) or six, so I am done with this for the night. We will save the "Beer vs. Blog" for another post.

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