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Friday, September 5, 2008

Day with Dar

Busy day today.  I took Alex to school and went and picked Dar up and we did a little running around, then went to lunch at the cafeteria at JD.  Alex said he needed to go audition for the school plays (Dancing at Lughnasa and A Christmas Carol) as it is ten percent of his grade.  Who am I to stand in the way of grades?  Ha-as if anything could keep him from auditioning.  Mom, Dar and I decided to go watch the auditions.  We had already been joking around in the cafeteria while Mom ate.  She was telling us about this girl in her class who was doing some sort of art piece that Mom said looked to her like a vagina, and said she wanted to ask the girl if it was a snatch.  Needless to say we were fired up when we got to the theater.  We had just finished using their very nice facilities and were sitting in the lobby before auditions when this girl came in.  I thought Dar had smiled/waved at her, then she all of a sudden came up to me with an "Oh my God, I haven't seen you in so long".  I've never seen her before in my life.  I must have looked puzzled, because she 'reminded' me that she knew me from soccer.  I thought to myself "does this look like the body of someone who would sweat on purpose?"  I assured her that I was not who she thought I was, so she stuck her hand out and introduced herself to each of us.  Her name is Branda (I did it in the same voice as the girl in House Bunny did to help remember and by golly, it does work-especially if you do it every thirty seconds or so for the rest of the afternoon.)   Turns out she's in all of the theater classes so she knew Alex.  She was very friendly.  Dar later got me alone in the car and asked me if I knew she was hitting on me.  I told her Johnny's theory about me being a dyke magnet.  I don't really think that was it, though.  I think it was just one of those kindred spirit kind of things.  We kind of disrupted Mr. Perrini's auditions, but we had a blast laughing and making helpful comments and observations for the benefit of no one but ourselves.  I was invited to audition, but explained the situation with transportation/spouse.  We may go back for callbacks on Monday just for shits and giggles.

Left the auditions and went to the movie theater in D'Iberville.  We got there just late enough to miss the middle matinee and had about an hour and a half until anything started.  Alex and I have seen so many movies lately that we were hard pressed to come to a decision on anything we hadn't seen or at least wouldn't mind seeing again with Dar, so we decided to go eat some chips and salsa at Salsarita's and talk it over.  Decided that we would forgo the movie (I knew that would not fly with Alex as we had already decided what we wanted to see, but we were trying to celebrate Dar's birthday that got pushed back because of the stormlette).  We settled on going over to Crossroads to fart around in Acadamy, Petsmart and Circuit City.  When we finished, it was pretty close to dinnertime, but none of us was hungry so we just went back to Dar's.  I feel bad because we really didn't do anything special, and she is such a giving person.  When we were on our way out for the morning, after I'd given her a card and a book I'd picked up for her, she handed me a bag and said it was just something little.  It was a box of Hawaiian Breadmix and a Naked Papers T-shirt and bumper sticker!  She really does spoil me.

After we took her home, we headed back toward the house, but decided to stop and visit the puppies at Petland on the way.  I think we both fell for this precious little French Bulldog that we took into one of their little play areas.  Just out of curiosity I asked how much it was.  The girl said she had to go find out.  When she came back, her reply was a matter of fact "Nineteen hundred dollars".  I almost shit myself.  I asked how much the little Yorkies they have are and she said they start at twelve hundred.  It took Alex reminding me that I spent fifteen hundred on Nemo ten years ago before I made the pet store=exorbitant prices (all that overhead, dontcha know).  Alex is dying for a dog, though.  He still misses Sandy, and he's here by himself all the time.  However, he is now in school and won't be here during the week, and Johnny and I have trips planned, so it will be awhile before we can take on the responsibility, and that is only if Johnny can be cracked. *snort*  We finished up there and by that time it was back to actual movie time, and since we WERE right there, decided "why not?"  We watched "Hamlet 2" which was a riot.

Anyway, it is now after eleven and I am tired.  This damn air conditioner blows straight down on me and just about freezes the parts of me that are exposed, but as soon as the thermostat cuts it off, I start getting hot.  Back and forth all night.  I guess it is time for me to go home-the house honeymoon is over.  Nemo had a pluckfest while we were gone today and blew all of his feathers all over the kitchen flapping when I let him out when we got back, so that will be the first thing I have to deal with when I get up.  If the next storm forces us to evacuate again soon, I will make sure to dig out Nemo's spare big cage and finger out a mo' betterer place for them to sit than in the kitchen.  I just can't deal with the feathers tonight.  Bless his heart.

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