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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jonesin' for some new shoes

I've spent the last two hours scouring the internet, trying to find a pair of the old tire tread huarache sandals like the ones I had in high school.  They were leather, hand woven brown sandals with open toes and recycled tire treads for soles and they had a strap that buckled.  I found a similar pair for men by Minnetonka, but they are a gussied up version that looks very nice but NOT what I want.  I want the real thing, and I am finding it surprisingly difficult to find them.  I am used to being able to google up basically anything I can dream up.

I did, however, see some really groovy shoes.  I am not really a girly shoe kinda girl-I tend to wear more dykey styles.  Lots of smooth brown leather, and usually pretty clunky.  And with my foot tattoo, that is probably for the best, although sometimes it is cute, when the birdie's head peeps out of my shoe.  I wouldn't dare try to walk in heels.  But I will admit that I have shoe fantasies, and I love to try them on just to see.  I walk through even our little selection at Belks, and some of the shoes I see-like buttah, baby!  I can't believe the colors and textures. When I was growing up, there was brown, black, white (but never after Labor Day!) and for hussies, f**k me red.  And the prices!  They need to come out with the shoe version of Bag, Borrow or Steal for me to be able to afford all the shoes I covet (but in all honesty would never wear).  I guess I will have to content myself with visiting them.  

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