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Friday, September 12, 2008

Live from the Ark

How high's the water, mama?  

At the moment it appears to be hoochie high and risin'.  It is as high as I've seen it since Katrina.  I never completely lost power yesterday.  It turned out to be a rather loverly day-very windy and other than the one feeder band that hit yesterday morning, we didn't get anymore rain until late in the night, by which time I'd already gone to bed.  I waded through thigh deep water yesterday to take the truck further up the road, as we had an idea that it was going to go higher, and also to go purchase some big girl beverages since I knew I'd sleep better lubricated.  I really did, too-a few beers and the boat rocking me to sleep were just the ticket.  Slept like a baby.

Now I'm faced with the grim reality of the situation though-the water is higher than cellphone deep, so I really don't want to wade out of here.  Even if I take the little boat I am going to have to tie off somewhere and wade out and up the road to get to the truck, then I have to tote back through the water anything I purchase which is no easy feat what with trying to balance against the current and the wind and still keep said purchases above the water and dry.  I don't think I'm going to brave it today, but I sure hope it goes down some by tomorrow, cuz Miss Jackie is down to two rolls of tp, and we can't be having that now, can we?

Meantime, it's actually quite nice being flooded in.  I still have power, the pump is still working, after a brief period of no pressure yesterday evening, and the internet has amazingly held its connection all day today.  I have food and bottled water, so I am good to go for a few days, as long as I ration the tp.  I have a neighbor by the house who will feed the cats, coons, aardvarks and hedgehogs, and if anyone wants to steal the bills from the mailbox, knock yourself out!  Now if I just hadn't drank all the beer...

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