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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Countdown...Or Not?

So my bags are packed, I've retrieved my passport from the safe, I've picked out which red panties I will wear on the first leg of the trip.  I'm minding my own business, surfing the net, and for some reason I decided to check oyibosonline.com, the site for expats in Nigeria.  

Yesterday's news was that the entire oil industry in Nigeria is on the verge of a three day strike beginning Wednesday.  I didn't think a whole lot about it-at most I figured it would mean that the Innocent Bystander's last day or two on the boat would be a lot of hurry up and wait, but no work.  No prollem, right?

Guess again, derf.  Turns out it is a HUGE, BIG HAIRY DEAL.  If they go on strike, that means no helicopters will be flying in or out.  This means the IB would be stuck on the boat until the strike was resolved.  Can we say OHSHITOHDEAR?

We discussed it this morning.  The IB's relief captain is scheduled to arrive in Lagos on Tuesday morning, so if the IB can get a helicopter out they may be able to crew change a day early.  That is if the other captain can get a flight from Lagos to Warri.  If not, I may end up spending a day or three in Amsterdam by myself, in which case we might extend our stay once he joined me.  (Heh.  I said extend.)  This would be a mixed blessing. I really want to go back to the Van Gogh museum and take my time, which he has no interest in. I could take a day trip to Delft or go see the cheese in Gouda.  *laughs hysterically*  There are a few other places I could go hang out and people watch, if nothing else.  I am not concerned about finding ways to stay occupied, but I AM concerned with ANY delay in my getting LAID.  Dammit.

The upshot is I am holding my breath.  There is a meeting scheduled with the government tomorrow which may resolve the issues that this particular strike is to address.  I sure hope so. I had really big plans.


darsden said...

Wow, talk about a kink in the spokes... Dang..that would suck! Hopefull he will be able to change out a day early. I have NO doubt you would be able to play tourist by yourself just fine! ;-)

NurseExec said...

Here's hoping all gets resolved asap!

bernthis said...

why can't anything in this world be simple? why?

skywind said...

Nigeria? Good luck. Attention to safety and good health.
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Pearl said...

Yikes! That's a lot of what-ifs and possibilities, but I DO believe that you would be good at the single-tourist thing (although I feel your pain about the delay in sex...)


Mama Dawg said...

Damn those Nigerians for delaying your getting laid. What is this world coming to?

Dana said...

Damn. Hope that doesnt really happen. Looking forward to getting laid and it getting delayed really sucks!

Koolio said...

You can always smoke some pot. I think they sell it on every street corner on Amsterdam. Seriously, while I know you want the hubby with you, Amsterdam isn't such a bad place to get stranded. Lots to do.

I hope everything works out for you. :)