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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knock Knock

Anybody still in here?  I have missed you all so much, myne friends.

I had a minor meltdown.  I told you all about the Innocent Bystander getting a bit peeved about a post I made.  Since then, whenever I've mentioned sitting down to write, he's gotten this look of distaste on his face or come up with something else we need to do.  Don't get me wrong-he's not being an asshole about it, but his attitude makes me feel stupid for letting it become so important to me.  He is not at all impressed with it, and frankly, it hurts that the person who I care most about in this world has no interest whatsoever in my joy over certain comments or increases in ratings or new friends, because those things DO give me joy.  So, in a rather passive aggressive (in retrospect) attempt to punish myself (or him-I'm not sure which) I did not touch my computer for six days.  I figured if I I get on, I am either writing, reading your posts or doing something blog related, so if I just stayed away, I could avoid the elephant in the room. It was six days of pure torture.  I felt as if I'd experienced a death somehow.  I was miserable.

Then last night, I decided I'd had enough of this nonsense and I got online to check my mail.  I'd recieved an email from my cousin.  I started reading it and thinking, wow, this is pretty good. Then I realized that I had written it as a post on another blog I occasionally post on, Ornery Woman.  And I thought, you know what?  I may write pure crap some days, but sometimes I get it close to alright, and I get a lot of satisfaction in that.  So, Dood, if you are reading this (although he said he's never reading it again), I love you honey, but FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCK.  I may never make a penny writing, but it makes me feel good, so go take your damn nap-I don't complain about those or act like those are a waste of time, do I?


darsden said...

whewwwwhewww Derfina Is Back. YEHAW, dang you have been missed. Can't wait for eveybody to find out Derfina is Back and AS BAD ASS AS EVER!! ;-) yippieyakayay

Improbable Joe said...

I was wondering where you'd gotten off to...
I'm glad to see you're back!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so happy you are back!!! I am sorry your Innocent Bystander doesn't enjoy the blog as much as we do. I love this piece of profound wisdom: "So, Dood, if you are reading this (although he said he's never reading it again), I love you honey, but FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCK. I may never make a penny writing, but it makes me feel good, so go take your damn nap-." You cannot quit writing if it makes you feel good. Anyways, I would miss you if you left.

Mama Dawg said...

So glad you're back. You've been missed.

NurseExec said...

I have SOOOOO missed you. Welcome back!

Braja said...

All goddamn power to you, girl :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, girlfriend!

And Dood, get over yourself. Baby's got talent . . .

julz said...

glad the meltdown was minor- missed you a bunch. wish your unit shared your joy in this, but it's his loss. love you

derfina said...

Dar-I missed ya'll more than you know.

Improbable Joe-Glad to see you're still with me.

La Belette Rouge-I'm all about feelin' good! ^^groucho eyebrows^^

Mama Dawg-Thanks. I'll try to be more reliable.

NurseExec-I missed you too!

Braja-Bless you!

Tysdaddy-*blushing* Aw, shucks!

Julz-Thanks for the wakeup, cuz. I wish he did too. Love you, too.

*smooches* to all

Dana said...

What's with Dood? Seriously. He should stick to (unknowingly) giving you blog material and not speaking of said material.

A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do. Keep on keepin' on.

Get your butt back in front of the computer! Some of us NEED you.

derfina said...

Dana-Don't mind him-I don't. He can't help it. He has one of those THINGS attached. *smooches*

Christine said...

SOOO glad you're back... now I'm off to read all about Costa Rica.

PS... I'm doing a theme for Feb that would be perfect for your situation... "Suck It" Want to join me? Please?

Too needy?

Again, missed you.

NadinetheMinx said...

Oh, Derfina, I missed you so very much when you and the IB were in Costa Rica, but I missed you more these last six days. Your blog has been a daily stop for me. I adore reading about your birdies and the kerfluffle of your world on the water. I have fibromyalgia, sweetie, and spend a lot of time in pain. Your blog makes me forget about the pain for a little while-- so, please, keep writing!!!
The Minx